Fire King & Ice Queen 2017-11-28T20:40:31+00:00
The Royal Schedule: 

Friday 2/16

Saturday 2/17

Sunday 2/18

6:30-7:00pm | Precession into WinterFest
7:00-8:00pm | King & Queen Ascend Thrones
12:00pm | Kick off Hot Cocoa Run
1:00pm | Queen Photo Op at Ice Sculptures
2-4:00pm| King & Queen Ascend Thrones
4:00pm | King Photo Op at Fire Pits
12:00pm | Kick off Royal Run
12:15-2pm| King & Queen Ascend Thrones

See below for the journey of our fair 2017 Ice Queen, Bunny Taylor, as she selected from only the sharpest icicles to compete for her affection.

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